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Estate Planning

Estate planning

We assist your clients to plan their estate effectively, avoiding the pitfalls and heartache of winding up a poorly planned estate…



Professional and detailed online drafting of Wills ensuring your clients wealth gets to the nominated beneficiaries keeping their legacy intact…

Estate Wind-Up

Estate wind-up icon

On time of death Estate Plan kicks into gear and manages the entire process of winding up an estate that has been well planned from the start…

Executor services

Executor Services

With Wills come our executors to manage your clients estate at time of death. When dealing with us, you don’t need to worry about…



Your clients input all relevant information for the estate in question. Our platform uses that information to interlink service providers tied to their estate including banks and the master’s office.


The platform then performs a seamless administrative process taking care of the hard work of winding up an estate.


Any third-party delays are out of our control, but we place the power in your hands helping to clean up their mess.


Avoid spending years, or potentially decades, winding up an estate that had no will in place and is now an administrative nightmare to resolve.


Save your clients time and money to wind up an estate efficiently and securely.

About Us

With intelligent technology and the right partnerships, Estate Plan ensures winding up an estate of a loved one is seamless and speedy even if there is no will in place.

Our mission is to alleviate the administrative burden of winding up estates by using technology to speed up the process and improve effi ciency. Please don’t get stuck like I did when my father passed away.


I am writing this letter to endorse Senior Fiduciary Specialist, Adri van der Riet and her team at Digital Estate Planning Initiatives Pty Ltd for their outstanding read more…

Wayne Smith

Director, Capstone Wealth Managers

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